Wet Owl Studio, although small, is committed to reducing the amount of waste produced by our brand. In order to feel good about bringing our products to market, we exclusively sell in pre-order only to reduce waste and lower our environmental impact of overproduction. This means we only put your garment into production when it's ordered. Please allow up to 7 business days prior to shipping; we think this is a small price to pay to reduce our brands footprint & we hope you do too!


Wet Owl Studio is all about body positivity & size inclusivity because beauty comes in every shape and size. You won't ever find increased costs based on size, and no corners cut on quality of garments for alternate sizing.

See something you love not available in your size? Drop us a line via our Contact page and we will work with you to create something you love that is comfortable and in-line with the price points for our apparel.